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Medium / Adult / Female
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  • Photo of Calley
  • Photo of Calley
  • Photo of Calley
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Not all shelter cats adjust at the same pace. Sweetheart Calley girl is one of our kitties who has needed a bit extra attention and TLC. The one constant thing about Calley, though, is that she always welcomes being pet and loves love - even when she is a bit hesitant! She will nuzzle her head right into your hand and let you pet her as long as you are willing. A cat-savvy adopter may be best for Calley, just so she can be set up for success while adjusting in a new home. You may notice Calley is missing an ear. She arrived at the shelter this way and we have no idea what happened. She does not seem to be bothered at all, though. She is about 4 years old and is spayed. We are still watching what she thinks about other kitties. If there is a friendly resident cat, that could help her acclimate and become more comfortable. Calley really likes her kitty beds and little huts. She doesn't even try to hide in the huts anymore, she is coming out and about more and more! We are so proud of her and know that she will be someone's very best friend if given the opportunity. We so in love with her gentle and lovable personality and know you will be, too.

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