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Large / Adult / Male
  • Photo of Tobias
  • Photo of Tobias
  • Photo of Tobias
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Has Shots

The handsome level went off the chart when Tobias came to the shelter! Would you look at his face?! We have been wrapped around his kitty paw from the start. Tobias is about 3 years old and is neutered. He has an ulcer on his left eye which we are treating. We do expect it to heal fully and it should not cause any future complications. We will keep an eye (no pun intended) on it and update accordingly! He is curious, energetic but also lazy, and loves to explore. Tobias goes straight to the scratching posts and cat climbing towers. He does well with most of the cats at the shelter, but most likely would do best with more submissive cats in the home. Tobias is always coming up with a new way to entertain us and make us all laugh. He's just a great guy!

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