Michael Chelich Book Signing at the Shelter






Artist and author Michael Chelich will be at Michiana Humane Society to sign his latest children’s book, Lucky the Adopted Dachshund, Saturday, September 21, at 12pm Central. This book is based on a true story of a dachshund being adopted from Michiana Humane Society.


Michael Chelich lives and works in Munster, Indiana where he has been accepting and creating commissioned artwork for the last thirty years. In the last several years, he has also illustrated three children’s books including The Dog and the Dolphin, The Dog and the Jet Ski, and Red’s Nature Adventure.


The synopsis of the book is as follows:

A kind man and his son find an injured dachshund named Lucky wandering along the side of a road. The take him to an animal shelter so that his wounds can be treated. But Lucky has more problems. Where is his family and who will take care off him now? This beautifully written and realistically illustrated book will give children, from first through fourth grade, an idea of what some dogs and cats go through when they are separated or abandoned by their owners. Readers will also experience the joys and challenges that result when both Lucky and his new owners begin their lives together. Children will grow quickly attached to this cute, curious and playful dachshund. Be prepared though when this story ends in a cliffhanger! This is the first book in a two book series. The sequel will be completed in 2019.


Be sure to come to the shelter Saturday, September 21, at 12pm to meet the author and have your book signed.