Community Programs

School/Community Programs

The Michiana Humane Society is committed to providing education and outreach programming to all segments of our community.

To promote humane treatment of animals and provide community members information regarding pet care, safety, and the well-being benefits of having pets, we provide informative and instructional programs for school children and adults.

Our school programs focus on the value and purpose of our shelter and the benefits of pet adoption, proper pet choices and animal safety. Students engage interactively while learning how to respect and approach an unfamiliar dog.

Presentations for adult groups include a multi-media presentation covering the outstanding health benefits derived by pet ownership. We also welcome groups into the shelter for tours and presentations. Students have the opportunity to meet some of our shelter pets while learning about proper animal behavior around animals end up in shelters.

We are pleased to make these programs available to all members of the community. For additional information, or to schedule a program please inquire at (219) 872-4499 or at