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Medium / Adult / Female
  • Photo of Rosie
  • Photo of Rosie
  • Photo of Rosie
  • Photo of Rosie
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Has Shots

Chatty, chatty, chatty perfectly describes Rosie girl! She is a 4 year old spayed lady. Rosie is the best conversationalist! She can easily keep you talkin'! Rosie enjoys exploring around the cat room and seeing what is going on. She isn't much of a fan of kitty toys initially but can be convinced to play eventually. Rosie is accustomed to living with another cat and seemed to enjoy her company. We also think Rosie would be just fine as the sole feline - she adjust well! Rosie's personality is large and loving and we just love her so much already! You will, too!

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