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Small / Senior / Female
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  • Photo of Maya
  • Photo of Maya
  • Photo of Maya
  • Has Shots
  • No Kids
  • Spayed/Neutered

What a complete doll Maya is. She is 8 years young, is spayed, and has the cutest most adorable wiggle-butt you have ever seen. Maya will get the zoomies and likes to spring around! She came to the shelter a little bit overweight, so we are monitoring her diet to make sure she gets the appropriate amount of healthy food! Maya is a little nervous of men initially so we are working with her to gain some trust. We think any children in the home should be a bit older, she likes to have her space when she wants it. She loves to go for car rides and enjoys playing with stuffed animals! Her personality brings lots of smiles to everyone around her. We have enjoyed getting to know her already and cannot wait to let you know more about her soon!

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