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Large / Adult / Male
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  • Photo of Ty
  • Photo of Ty
  • Photo of Ty
  • Photo of Ty
  • Spayed/Neutered
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Doesn't Ty have the best eyes?! He is about 3 years old, is neutered, and is ready to find that perfect family! If you are active and love being outside - Ty is absolutely the perfect match. He is social, confident, friendly, and is an energetic boy. Playing fetch and running around chasing tennis balls is the best thing in his opinion! Ty is a great student! He loves to learn and knows how to sit, come, and stay. In his previous home, he did really well at being mostly house-trained. Ty loves to work hard for treats and is quite food-motivated. Ty would prefer any children in the home to be about 13 years and older. Smaller children seem to make him anxious. Otherwise, he is a social and friendly guy and has no issue making friends with adults. Ty is not much of a fan of smaller animals like cats, squirrels, and rabbits. When it comes to other dogs he has done well with his interactions! He may take just a couple of minutes to warm up and then he is off to the races to run and play! Ty is content to lay next to you and chew a bone after a long day's work. If allowed, he loves to sleep next to you. If preferred otherwise, he also is accustomed to sleeping in his own doggie bed. When we have more to share, we will let you know! Otherwise, we just think this guy is awesome! Come check him out!

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