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Medium / Senior / Male
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  • Photo of Buddy
  • Photo of Buddy
  • Photo of Buddy
  • Photo of Buddy
  • Has Shots
  • Spayed/Neutered
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My world has been turned upside-down recently. I lived with the same family for 6 years. Then had to go to a new family for almost 2 years. Then I was brought to the shelter in July. I don't understand why, but I still try my best to show people I am a very good dog. I want to find a new family to love me and one that I can love in return. My name is Buddy. I'm 9 years old and am neutered. I'm just a medium sized guy, not too big at all. I take some time to adjust to strangers. But, I promise I do acclimate! I was nervous of my friends at the shelter initially and now I love them and can't wait to go on walks with them throughout the day! So please be patient with me as I adjust to meeting you. I'm worth it, I promise! If there are other medium/larger submissive and dog-friendly dogs in the home, I've done well with dogs like that! I'd prefer no cats or small dogs. I'm a pretty relaxed and chill dude and am just looking for someone to share the couch with and treat me well. If any children in the home are over 12, that'd be good for me! Given that I am 9 years old, my hips are becoming sensitive. My friends at the shelter give me fluffy blankets and soft beds. I really like them. Other than my hips, I am in pretty decent health! I may have a few quirks, but I know I will be the best forever dog if you get a chance to know me. Please consider adopting a senior. I will still provide love, smiles, and happiness in my old age.

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