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Large / Adult / Male
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  • Photo of Tank
  • Photo of Tank
  • Photo of Tank
  • Photo of Tank
  • Has Shots
  • No Kids
  • Spayed/Neutered
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You won't ever meet a dog more obsessed with a tennis ball than Tank! He is a neutered 4 year lab mix and will do anything for the chance to chase a tennis ball! He has excellent manners and is very smart! Tank knows sit, lay down, and stay. He also does great at being house-trained! Tank is accustomed to sleeping in his crate and is very comfortable in it, too! He is not destructive when he is left out alone as he has been properly crate-trained. He is so well behaved! He would prefer if there were any dogs in his future home that they are larger. He's done well and played nicely with bigger dogs! Smaller dogs and cats make him a bit anxious. Tank needs a home without any children. Anyone in his new home should be about 15 years and older. Tank is apprehensive of meeting men. He has adjusted and trusts the male kennel staff at the shelter but does have challenges with men he doesn't know yet. Once he feels safe, he really does a great job! If you are active and outdoorsy, Tank would be a fantastic addition. He is social, outgoing, and he loves to explore. He wanted us to make sure his new home would provide him with tennis balls as they are his absolute favorite thing ever.

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