In Honor/Memory

Recognize Someone Close to You

In Honor or Memory of tributes are a special way of honoring or memorializing people, events or pets that you hold dear. Your tribute donation supports the Michiana Humane Society’s work to care for the unwanted animals of LaPorte and Berrien Counties.

  • To make a tribute gift online, click to our on-line form with Network for Good
  • To make your gift by mail or in person, checks should be made out to: Michiana Humane Society (MHS) 722 Hwy 212 Michigan City, IN 46360. If you would like us to send a card to someone informing them of the gift, please include their name and address.
  • To make a gift by phone, please call 219.872.4499

Tribute Gifts Received Oct 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017

In honor of Allison Goldberg Leslie Dinga
In honor of Ben and Lola Kristen Jacobucci
In honor of Benjamin Fromm Linda Richardson
In honor of Bonnie Benson Barton Tretheway
In honor of Cade McCaffrey Margaret Lawrence
In honor of Gail Lowrie Andrew Lowrie
In honor of Hoit and Dorothy Miller Laura Kentnesse
In honor of Ireland, adopted from MHS Susan Cassler
In honor of John and Karrie McCorkel Michael Gowan
In honor of Margy Jollief Jon Jollief
In honor of Paws Debbie Hilberg
In honor of Roy and Joy Brown Carl Adams
In honor of Steve and Cookie Ferguson Kristine and Joseph Ransom
In honor of Vanessa's birthday Mark Vega
In loving memory of Tweety Jim Fisher
In memory of Angela H. Johnson Victoria A. Johnson and Mark Kilcoin
In memory of Arnoldine Griessman Richard and Margaret Gates
Michael Quint
In memory of Aunt Linda Weber Daniel and Jill Taylor
In memory of Bogey Moon Stephen and Barbara Beardslee
Bob and Mary Lou McFadden
William O'Brien
Sue Spitler
Joann Tedesco
In memory of Carl F. Meyerdirk Thomas Tocalis
In memory of Charles Hanke Joyce and Don Cavin
Mitch and Pat Kmiecik
Chet and Linda Kmiecik
Mark Vogelgesang
In memory of Charlie Moore Bill and Keek Bielby
Johanna Humbert
Gail Lowrie
Edward Nelson
Frank and Jan Tomecek
In memory of Chino Marquerite Juliusson
In memory of Cookie Elaine K. Criswell
In memory of Cooper Jollief Ned and Kelly Leiby
In memory of Dad and Stepmom Kyra Niegos
In memory of David E. Johnson Nancy Ash
Michael Ciocchi
Nancy Jane and Adam Idkowiak
Anita and W. John Kowalisyn
Cheryl and Joseph Stasiak
Nancy Thill
In memory of Don Noviroske David and Lois Gariepy
In memory of Duchess Patsy Prorok
Terri Westphal
In memory of Dusty, the amazing cat Patsy Prorok
In memory of DuWayne Neidlinger Anna Neidlinger
Christy Wilson
In memory of Edward Kaletha Chief Randy Novak
In memory of Floyd Mrozinske Diana Mrozinske
In memory of Gary Poelstra Ron and Emeline Pickands
Karen Stevens
In memory of Georgia and Tole Roberts Chuck and Lori Greis
In memory of Georgie the cat David Aaker
In memory of Geraldine F. Meyer Amy and Tim Baker
Robert Bomier
Thomas Kreuser
Michael Nygren
In memory of Ginger Hadaway Kristiane Hubbard
In memory of Greta, the wonder dog David Augustus
In memory of Harry Frank and Jan Tomecek
In memory of Helen Eggebrecht Marilyn Carey and Chrisan Shropshire
Lynette Johnston
Wayne Ladwig
Pamela D. Long
Mark and Jamie Przybylinski
Dan Robb
Alma and William Voss
In memory of James Joseph Vedo Gayle McCray
In memory of Jean Robert Chuck and Lori Greis
In memory of Jett Jon Jollief
In memory of Jim Prentiss Karen Bannwart
In memory of Joan Sheblosky Sheryl Trusty
In memory of John Fischbacker Georgia Nagle
In memory of Katie Diana Pecen
In memory of Lois Koepke Friends
In memory of Louise Marquerite Juliusson
In memory of Melissa White-Warnke Greg and Genia Orlowski
In memory of Michael Flotow Lisa Anglin
Nancy Ash
Charles A and Patricia A Brittingham
Diane Gielow
Donald and Joanne Grote
Rebecka Holt
David and Marlys Johnson
Sharon Klosinski
Charles and Diane Morgan
Evelyn G. Pilar
Phyllis and Robert Schultz
Chris Walsworth
In memory of Mikey, on behalf of Patches Amanda Kaufman
In memory of Mocha Tom and Cindy Segelstrom
In memory of Molly, MHS rescue dog Austin and Sylvia Wilkins, Jr.
In memory of Ouisie Carolyn Johnson
In memory of Patricia Warry Lois Carlson
Kris Cook
Eleanor Anne Switt
In memory of Polly MaryLou and Walter Harrison
In memory of Randy Lockhart Prince Corporation
In memory of Raymona Wiencek Michael and Marty Riley
In memory of Rebecca Lute Christopher and Kathy Lute
Jack and Beth A. Lyness
Warren and Karen Schacht
Rose Ann Uminski
In memory of Richard A. Finney Amy Gillin
Bret and Mary Kite
Mitch and Pat Kmiecik
Richard and Janice Lubiniecki
Mary Frances Mitchell
Elizabeth and Edward Prusinski
Maria Uzovich
In memory of Richard and Mary Thalmann Diane Thalmann
In memory of Robert Clough Melinda Nagle
In memory of Rosemarie Killips Jennifer Braddock
John Jauch
In memory of Rudi and Gisela Rath Hilde Lanie
In memory of Rusty Marquerite Juliusson
In memory of Rusty Johnson Richard Young
In memory of Ruth Russel Jean Cooreman
In memory of Sadie Chris and Kris Vallarano
In memory of Sadie Girl Maxine Hamann
In memory of September Lynn Jansky Natalie Valentine
In memory of Sharon Hawkes Lois Bodamer
Margene Haluska
Doris Moore
In memory of Sparky Suzanne Hines
In memory of Steven Pabis Jess Adams
In memory of Susan Roule Kathryn Osborne
In memory of Susie the Siamese Mike and Susan Pound
In memory of "Timmi" Jansky Francisco Mimo-Lannoy and Steven Lannoy
In memory of Tom Lohr Randolph Kohler
In memory of Vicki Sliwa Jim and Ellen Wiskeman
In memory of Von Mason Leonard and Nancy Anglis
Sara and Bill Carlisle
Dayna Cavinder
Shannon Chavis
Milton and Susan Dabagia
Danny Fisher
Bob and Kathy Fritz
Donald and Joanne Grote
Kerry Hopp
Sharon Klosinski
Jan Lawson
Patricia Leinweber
Glenn Lubeznik
Karen and Terry McMahon
Dave and Jane Moon
Jack and Risa Ott
Patrick and Alicia Piecuch
Jill Raia
Dennis Schultz
Manfred C. Wolpert
In celebration of Johanna's birthday Debbie Goldenthal
Deborah Robertson