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 At the Michiana Humane Society, we strive to do all that we can on behalf of the abandoned and unwanted animals in our community.  We offer adoption services, and we take in animals that people can no longer care for.

We also have educational programming for schools and other groups, and this fall we will begin offering occasional programming for the public.

The Michiana Humane Society serves LaPorte County, Indiana and Berrien County, Michigan. To learn more, please stop by or call our offices at 219-872-4499.


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Our New Spay/Neuter Policy

The overpopulation of unwanted pets in our community continues to grow.  The Michiana Humane Society does not want to contribute to the problem.  This summer, our Board of Directors of the shelter passed a resolution to take an active role in reducing the problem.

Therefore, beginning January 1, 2015, every pet adopted from the Michiana Humane Society must be spayed or neutered before it can go home.

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Save the Date for 2015 MHS Events:

March 21 – Spring Fling
July 25 – Cocktails at Grand Cottage
September 24 – Remember Me Thursday
November 7 – Home Tour

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[title size="2"]Lost/Found Animals Resources[/title]

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If you have lost or found an animal in LaPorte or Berrien Co, here are a few resources to call for help and make a report